Áine Hanson

Central to HANSON OF LONDON’s vision is founder Áine Hanson.

From an early age Áine spent her time playing with her mother’s sewing machine and thrifting through charity shops for vintage patterns and handicraft books. A chance gift of a decade’s worth of Vogue issues, along with an inquisitive nature into garment construction, led her to pattern drafting, sewing and embroidery in her early teens.

Following a degree collection heavily influenced by saddlery, Áine graduated first place in her year with a BA in Fashion Design. The versatile skills learned in her youth has enabled Áine to work across many disciplines in London’s fashion industry, designing tailored garments and leather collections for prominent British labels.

Growing up in the West of Ireland Áine was surrounded by weavers, tailors and family-run drapers, all of whom built a personal connection with their customers, never compromising on quality. In establishing HANSON OF LONDON, Áine combines these traditional values with the modern vibrancy of the city she now calls home.