Drawing on disparate influences, from contemporary architecture to traditional saddlery techniques, HANSON OF LONDON’s debut range espouses discreet elegance.

London’s evolving skyline has preserved richly historic buildings while embracing bold modern structures. Reflecting this, the understated design of our debut collection is underpinned by rigid structural qualities and traditional craftsmanship. The collection’s curved silhouette is formed by cutting expansive leather panels from a single hide, a refined technique rarely seen today.

From a studio-workshop in East London, each handbag is created in-house by a single craftsperson using exquisite hand-stitching skills. These ensure a more durable bind than can ever be achieved by a machine.

Personalised embossing can be added and each handbag design is available in a range of colours. Every handbag is embossed with an individual number, with made-to-order designs requiring days to create.

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