I have admired the video work of Rob Francis for a long time, especially the gorgeous ‘Rabbit don’t like chips’ which he made for his girlfriend Jessica Dance.

I was delighted that Rob agreed to shoot our first video and we spend many weeks plotting a script. Each HANSON OF LONDON handbag is handmade in-house by a single craftsperson from start to finish, with great love and care. We wanted to encapsulate this in the story.



An early start to the first day of shooting. We wanted to concentrate on the workmanship in creating The Rivington handbag. I choose a couple of key stages, which I felt best represented the level of detail and expertise involved.

Rob arrived with plenty of equipment to the studio with the help of Jessica and friend/sound engineer Dylan Bell.


Rob at work.

Laying out of The Rivington pattern on hazel English bridle leather and marking out cutting lines.

Rob shooting a close-up.



The giant racing green balloon scenes were shot on the second day. The balloons were attached to large (empty) boxes, and floated from the old loading doors of our studio. The story line portrays a fictional scenario where the made-to-order handbag is delivered to the customer by air (in this case by a giant green balloon rather than an airplane).

Huge thanks to our friends Chloe and Jason for helping out on the day.


Picture of me holding the giant balloon x


Shooting came to an end with a bang! The box and balloon were attached to a to invisible line, which I had the task of navigating while Rob filmed. Anyone who knows me can vouch for my lack of navigation skills and general sense of direction. In this case I managed to guide the balloon into a chimney – in my defence it was windy. Watch clip and enjoy.


The illustrations for the handbag animation were done by myself, with Rob bringing them to life afterwards. A very special thank you to Michael Wookey for the score he made especially for our video. His albums are a regular fixture in the workshop, so the music fits the storyline perfectly.

Áine x