Your HANSON OF LONDON leather goods can be embossed with understated personalised lettering at our workshop. Whether it’s a special present or just for you, initials, names or messages can be discreetly added.

The solid brass pieces used in our embossing matches the typeface of the HANSON OF LONDON brand. Your desired letter combination is assembled by hand before applying heat pressure to the English bridle leather, ensuring a long lasting impression.

Your letter combination can be added in the SHOP section of our website at a cost of £10 per letter (after clicking “PURCHASE” on your desired leather good). All letters are upper case and we cater for a range of international characters – e-mail us for further information. We offer the choice of Gold Foil or Blind Embossing – examples of each are shown below.

Áine x


Solid brass typeface matching HANSON OF LONDON branding


Gold Foil embossing process

Initials with dots in Gold Foil


Initials with dots in Blind Embossing

Blind Embossing on London Tan Leather over British Racing Green goat suede lining